Talk with Stephan Rech about value driven entrepreneurship

When communication between people fits, they are happier in their work

This is precisely the conviction of Stephan Rech, managing partner of Reuse Haustechnik and a passionate nature photographer, who was my discussion partner in the second Glückskinder Talk.

In our conversation, I explored the thoughts and philosophy of a true entrepreneur with passion. We talked about how one grows into a task with great responsibility, what mindfulness means for the culture of a company and what great power lived empathy can develop for an entrepreneur.

Stephan describes himself as a “universal all-rounder” and enthusiastically chose the path into the family business.

In addition, he has a second passion – nature photography. Passion became profession, in which he has made a name for himself. Today, photography for him is like “yoga for the soul”. Balancing, to get distance and relax.

HAPPINESS is my family, being able and allowed to work, having freedom in what I do, the joy of life and many small things. The gratitude for the moment

Stephan Rech

Managing Partner, Reuse Haustechnik GmbH

Stephan Rech about the Values Workshop

Stephan successfully founded the WERTE-WERKSTATT with employees in his company, Kassel-based Reuse Haustechnik GmbH.

What are values – for the company, the team, for everyone themselves and for the customer? That was the central question the team addressed.

The result was what makes Reuse and its employees tick, how they relate to each other, develop, contribute and find their place in the company.

Stephan: “If the communication between people fits, then they are happier in their work.”

Stephan’s goal is a “meaningful and people-oriented leadership”. Mindfulness in cooperation, communication and in dealing with other people – living appreciation. In addition, mindfulness towards oneself and to radiate this as a role model.

Stephan’s success shows: With a holistic approach to leadership, you can hold your own sustainably and in the long term, even in a difficult environment.

Here is the whole talk with Stephan Rech. To jump directly to individual topics or questions, you will find the timestamps below, which will take you directly there on YouTube.

Have fun watching!

Please note the interview was conducted in German, hence below timestamps are in German language. 


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Please note the interview was conducted in German, hence below timestamps are in German language. 

00:00 Intro

00:45 Herzlich willkommen, Stephan Rech!

02:30 Wer ist die Reuse Haustechnik GmbH?

06:20 Über das Hineinwachsen in die Rolle eines mittelständischen Unternehmers

13:45 Über das Leben von Werten in einem Unternehmen

16:43 Werte als Führungsinstrument

20:21 Der Claim als Sinnbild unternehmerischer Werte

22:34 Was versteht man unter Achtsamkeit als Unternehmer

28:28 Der Zusammenhang zwischen Kommunikation, Zusammenarbeit und individuellem Glück

31:35 Wie definierst Du Glück?

35:30 Was ist für Dich Erfolg?

39:45 Über Gesundheit, Yoga, Fotografie und andere Dinge, die einen innerlich bereichern

42:05 Ausblick auf die nächsten Glückskinder Talks

Link to Reuse Haustechnik

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