It can be stormy at the top

Executive Coaching for people with entrepreneurial responsibility

At the top. And at the same time at the center of the (corporate) public eye. Unpopular measures, many risks, an exhausting workload and a high level of dynamism.

But also an own vision, high motivation and unconditional future orientation. Sometimes doubt and rarely honest feedback. These are the formative framework conditions that people at the top of organizations and companies find in their daily work.

As Executive Coach I serve you as a sparring partner for reflecting on your own actions and activities as well as for further developing your entrepreneurial and personal vision in an absolutely discreet and trusting setting.

For you

  • Entrepreneurs, managing directors, board members and division managers with extensive responsibility
  • Executives and directors of associations, public administrations or NGOs


Your possible topics

  • Reflection on one’s own actions and actions
  • Further development of the entrepreneurial and personal vision
  • Review of own work-life balance strategy
  • Finding new ideas and strategies
  • Succession planning


How we work together

Whether as a discreet mirror to get honest feedback, as a constructive sparring partner for an all-day brainstorming or as an attentive listener during a confidential dinner – many variations can be realized during an ideally longer-term but goal-oriented coaching process.

This can be done in different scenarios: Off-site (i.e. away from the daily office routine in a ‘protected room’), on-the-job (i.e. in your conference room), on-the-road (i.e. accompanying e.g. during a flight), situationally adapted also ‘off-duty’ (i.e. e.g. during a joint hike on the weekend) and of course always online (i.e. via teams, zoom or similar).

Dear Mr. Kopp, … It’s been five years now since we worked on my big picture of the future. And I have to pay you a big compliment: more or less everything we worked out back then has been realized, actually unbelievable!


Managing Partner, Media Technology

I perceive the coaching as a very valuable help and guidance to clarify my goals. Your personality, experience and my perception of your great professionalism gives me confidence that I have critically thought through and questioned my goals. I feel confident that my goals are achievable. It is important to me that findings and goals also became realizable through the actions we worked on together


CFO, Mechanical Engineering

Thank you for your calm, open manner, which has helped me a lot. I was able to quickly trust your work and I am surprised how quickly I have made progress and am back to myself.


Managing Director, Sports club (professional sport)

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