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Business coaching for people in management responsibility

Today’s managers are often subject to overwhelming pressure as they navigate the tensions between superiors, employees, colleagues, business partners, their own families, and sometimes a watchful public – all with their respective requirements and desires.

At the same time, managers balance a variety of factual tasks and technical issues linked to quantitative and qualitative goals.

Business coaching helps here preventively through individual further development of the skills required for the tasks, further development of the skills for managing change and communication, as well as through recognizing and reducing possible areas of tension.

For you

  • Middle and upper management in companies
  • Managers in associations, public administrations or NGOs


Your possible focus

  • Management of change processes and projects
  • Preparing for new tasks
  • Improving leadership and communication skills
  • Improving the handling of conflicts & crisis management
  • Improvement of time management and work-life balance
  • Improving the ability to motivate oneself and others

How we work together

From the self-contained individual session to a project-accompanying consulting package, many variants are feasible.

In the business coaching process, work is done specifically on improving individual skills. The coach also serves as a sparring partner and reflects on one’s own skills, strengths and potential for improvement.

It can be worked in different scenarios: Off-site (i.e. away from the daily office routine in a ‘protected space’), On-The-Job (i.e. in your conference room or accompanying e.g. by shadowing) or also ‘Online’ (i.e. online consultations via Teams, Zoom or similar).

What are you here for? You asked me this question on Wednesday and together we found beautiful answers. It was again enriching, motivating and inspiring to work with you. Thank you!


Project Manager Strategic IT

Thanks to our work, I was finally able to bring the QM project to a successful conclusion – and actually created a good atmosphere at the last meeting of the branch managers. Thank you!


Project Manager, Media & TV

A big praise to Mr. Kopp: I am completely satisfied!


Head of Manufacturing, Automotive

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