Dresscode for Job Interviews

Was ziehe ich zum Vorstellungsgespräch an, Bewerbungsgespräch Outfit, Christoph Kopp, Business Coach,

Perfect! The first hurdle in the application process has been cleared and you’ve been invited to an interview. But what are you going to wear?

Now it’s a matter of underpinning not only your professional competence but also your first personal impression with the right outfit. So – appear “appropriately dressed” for the interview!

But what does appropriate actually mean? Is it not enough if I am convincing because I am professionally top? What are the gos and no-gos when it comes to outfits? Rather understatement or really showing off? How do I find out what kind of dress code is expected of me? What does “business outfit” mean, is it the same everywhere? Can I also incorporate my personal style?

We ask these and other questions about THE perfect dress code for the first interview.

In below German language video you will get some recommendations

  • how to prepare for the important first impression
  • how to appear self-confident and appreciative
  • what you should consider or even better avoid
  • how and where you can find the best information about the company’s dress code
  • how to take your personal style into account.

Have fun watching!

Yours, Christoph.


It is not about your taste. What counts is how your counterpart sees and experiences you.

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To jump directly to the desired position simply click on the time below – enjoy watching!

00:00 Intro

00:33 Clothes make the man!

01:37 Can I wear whatever I like best for myself?

02:20 What do recruiters look for when they look at you?

03:05 WWhat look goes down well with companies?

05:35 How much jewelry can you wear to a job interview?

06:38 How do I know if I will feel comfortable at the company?

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