Building a Second Brain – a true game changer for my productivity

Building a Second Brain – next week it starts!

Participating in Tiago’s Forte’s Cohort 11 of Building a Second Brain last year was indeed a “game changer” for me.
It changed my entire method of note-taking, filing systems, and more importantly, my method of managing projects, driving personal digitization, and changing my creativity mechanisms.
That’s why I decided to participate again in the twelfth edition of Building a Second Brain starting next week. During these five weeks I will report to you regularly about the further development of my “Second Brain”.

Of all the advice out there on productivity and creativity, only 20% at most applies to you.

Your job is to find the 20% while ignoring the rest.

Tiago Forte

Founder of Building a Second Brain, ForteLabs

Link zu Building a Second Brain

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