Every departure is the beginning of a new journey

Career coaching for people in professional reorientation

Every career change offers the chance to reinvent yourself. To finally do the things that fill you with joy. In which you are really good and are appreciated for it. Personally and financially.

In an increasingly complex and ceaselessly evolving world of work, well thought-out positioning is becoming ever more important. There is a lot to do for this.

From the identification of your individual strengths and competencies, to the creation of credible state-of-the-art application documents, to targeted positioning in networks, with headhunters and interesting employers. From developing a personal salary strategy to preparing for an online assessment center. Yes, there is a lot to do.

As Career Coach I will help you to develop your own personal strategy for a successful professional repositioning and to implement it consistently.

For you

  • People in professional reorientation, e.g. after dismissal
  • People in situations of upheaval, e.g. after burnout
  • People at the beginning of their career
  • Expats and foreigners seeking for new opportunities in Germany


We can work on this

  • Your personal competence profile
  • The professional vision – what do I want to achieve, where do I want to go, target activities, sectors, companies
  • Preparation of meaningful application documents for the German job market
  • Individual salary strategy
  • Positioning in networks, with headhunters
  • Preparation for interviews and assessment centers
  • Accompaniment of the trial period


How we work together

Usually we work together in four main phases:

  • My foundation – the personal competence and goal analysis
  • My profile – goal-oriented development of convincing documents and online profiles
  • My positioning – active positioning in the open and hidden job market
  • My start in the new job – from counter-reading contract proposals to accompanying the probationary period

Experience shows that repositioning takes three to six months, depending on individual conditions and the market situation. Various scenarios can be used in this process. In recent years, online meetings (i.e. via Teams, Zoom or similar) have proven to be particularly effective. But of course we can also meet in person, especially in the beginning to develop your foundation.

Today I got the contract, signed it and sent it right back. I would like to thank you very, very much for the great and lovely support. You are doing a really good job.


Quality Manager, Automotive

Through your warmth and knowledge one feels accepted and well taken care of and thus dares to admit the truth even more.


Managing Director, Retail

I wouldn’t have thought that we would be able to pull this off so well in the end, out of my own totally messed-up situation. Actually, you’ve pulled off a real feat. And the new task is fun, just my thing. Thank you very much, Mr. Kopp!


Department Manager Production, Automotive

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