Talk with John Doorbar about good communication

John Doorbar in the Glückskinder Talk with Christoph Kopp

John Doorbar on good communication and the two R’s in his life: Rugby and Religion

In the April issue of Glückskinder Live Talk, I spoke with communications trainer and true Brit John Doorbar


John supports leaders to present their personality and their content in an international environment professionally – and with humor. John makes it a point to get to the bottom of his clients’ needs and skills so they can use them to achieve their individual goals.

With this perfect blend, John Doorbar and his clients have enjoyed great success for 35 years.

After studying theology at Oxford, John actually wanted to see the world first, have a little adventure, and spend a few years in Italy.

But the path led John directly to Mannheim, to an interesting position with professional prospects. But not as a theologian. Nevertheless, John lives and cultivates spirituality to this day. It grounds him, even when the world around him sometimes goes crazy.

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Happiness is being content with you.

John Doorbar

Communications Trainer, John Doorbar Communications

Refine your language. Inspire others. Change the world.

But what was it like to suddenly live in Germany as a Briton, to make your first contacts? John tells that today many of his best friends are German, but the beginning was not easy. He tried, for example, “typically British” in a pub. How it worked, and his insights into mentalities, he tells in Livetalk.

John has a second great passion – rugby. At the age of 10, the first time with the ball on the field, he knew – this is his game! To this day, nothing has changed in his fascination for it. A game that requires a lot of technique and incredible skill. In addition, team spirit as well as mental strength, art to communicate, focus and the enthusiasm – significant elements for all our lives.


What are the important pillars of communication for John, personally and as a coach:

  • The Why?
  • The Who?
  • The What?
  • The how?

It’s an interplay of motivation, contact between interlocutors, a core message, and empathy.

What all is behind it and why John has set the exciting goal of getting a million followers, you can see in the interview.


Have fun watching – Enjoy the talk!

By the way, the livetalk was conducted in English, so timestamps below are also in English.


To jump directly to the desired location just click on the time below – have fun watching!

By the way, the livetalk was conducted in English, so timestamps below are also in English.

00:00 Intro & Welcome John Doorbar!

03:51 Who is John Doorbar?

06:40 How did you come to Germany?

09:55 How is it to live as foreigner in Germany?

13:11 How was Brexit for you?

16:59 Why did study Theology and why did you leave that?

20:52 How are you practicing meditation?

24:00 How do you define happiness?

30:40 Let’s speak about Rugby – is Rugby about good communication?

38:40 What are the Four Principles of good communication?

45:30 How necessary is it to have empathy for people you are negotiating with?

50:20 How can I convince somebody to do something he never planned to do?

52:50 Inspire others and change the world – is that a goal for you?

54:28 How do you plan to get to 1 million followers in social media?

58:10 What’s the reason for having stretched goals?

1:01:21 How do you define success?

1:04:30 Outlook to the next Glückskinder Talks

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