Salary increase 2022 – these are the budgets of German companies

Christoph Kopp, Business Coach, Karriere Coach, Executive Coach, Zukunft Gestalten, Lohnerhöhung 2022, Gehaltserhöhung 2022

The German economy is largely forecasting strong growth for the coming years. This is naturally also reflected in the planning of salary budgets. And thus for your salary increase in 2022!

In its Salary Budget Planning Report, the management consultancy Willis Tower Watson surveyed six hundred companies in Germany about their salary budgets for 2022.

In his video, Christoph addresses questions that are not only relevant for applicants, but also for employees who want to know their prospects for the salary round in the new year:

  • How do the companies surveyed from a wide range of industries assess their future?
  • How do these assessments affect planning and the average increase in salary budgets?
  • Which skilled workers are in particular demand in which industries?
  • What other incentives do companies want to create to attract and retain good employees?

Enjoy watching!

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You don’t have to be a particularly savvy economist to guess that 2022 and 2023 are likely to bring far more good news than the last two years.


To jump directly to the desired position simply click on the time below. Please note this is a German language video – enjoy watching!

00:00 Lust auf gute Nachrichten?

01:12 Darum planen Unternehmen 2022 höhere Gehaltsbudgets

02:14 Wie schätzen Unternehmen ihre Zukunft ein?

03:08 Konkret: soviel Prozent planen Unternehmen mehr für 2022 ein

04:57 Gibt es auch andere Leistungen?

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