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Yes, you can consciously shape your future

The only constant in life is change. It always has been that way. In this process of change we sometimes find ourselves at forks in the road. These forks require very personal and fundamental decisions – for yourself and often also for others. It’s good to have someone at your side who can give you professional advice and support.

Because to their special responsibility, entrepreneurs, managers and executives in particular are challenged more than ever to find meaning not only for themselves, but also for others. They have to create sustainable value and make forward-looking decisions for themselves and others.

With my work I support you in paving the way to your entrepreneurial and personal success – with a good sense of proportion and all my expertise. Sometimes as an attentive listener, sometimes as a demanding sparring partner, sometimes as a sensitive advisor – and always with just one goal in mind: your success. I look forward to meeting you!

Best regards, Christoph Kopp.

For people at the top

People at the top of organizations and companies often shoulder unpopular measures, many risks and an exhausting workload.

As an executive coach, I serve as a sparring partner for you to reflect on your own actions and decisions in an absolutely discreet and trusting setting.

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For people in management responsibility

Managers balance a variety of tasks. In doing so, they are often exposed to a field of tension between superiors, employees and sometimes a watchful public.

As a business coach, I help you develop the skills to steer your business and manage change.

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For people in transition

Every change offers the opportunity to reinvent oneself. Finally doing the things that fill you with joy. In which you are really good and appreciated.

As a career coach, I help to realize your personal strategy for a successful market positioning.

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